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Our free German mortgage advisory and application service has been helping English-speaking property buyers find the best possible mortgage and the lowest interest rates for their new home in Germany for more than 25 years.

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Your German Mortgage is not only a mortgage broker – we are independent consultants from Germany's biggest independent financial advisory firm MLP based in Berlin, who are offering a free service in the search for the perfect mortgage as life insurance to young academics and professionals all over Germany.
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If you need a personal advisor who will take care of your financing quickly and reactively from the first contact to the payment of your loan, you have come to the right place. Our experienced financial advisors will guide you step by step through the sometimes challenging process of real estate financing and you can always be sure to get the best conditions on the market for your project and your personal situation. Our advice in finding the right mortgage as a life insurance and the implementation of your project is free of charge - we will be compensated by the banks.

Be faster than others

The German property market is very competitive. Demand for property is fierce and property is limited. In order to be able to secure your property, you need to be able to demonstrate that you have your finance in place as soon as possible. This is where we come in. We have been helping our customers since more than 20 years. Our only goal is to satisfy their desire for their own property.

No financial worries despite occupational disability

Occupational disability is not an easy topic. Many people ignore it, others put it off. Yet it is an unpredictable and frequent problem. Just because of an accident or illness, you may not be able to work for a long time. That is why it is advisable to create an income protection plan to avoid this. Learn more »

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Find your German Metropolitan Region

Before financing your life insurance, first of all find you must find the right property. Perhaps you already know exactly in which district of your city you feel most comfortable and where you would like to live in the long term. But do you already know all the relevant data on this district and do you also know what significance this has for the long-term performance of your property?
We have prepared all this data for you so you can find the Property and life insurance that suits you best.

Secure your German Mortgage

The property of your dreams is not around forever. Because of the competitive nature of the German Market, you need to have your finances planned out. Our Expert-level knowledge about German Mortgages, international clients, and the process of acquiring a new property in Germany makes life easy for you. We are backed by 20 years plus of experience to ensure we find the best mortgage options for you. That is why we are confident in our abilities to navigate you through the unique German housing- and financing market to obtain best
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We have invaluable experience that is only developed with time. We have worked hard to establish long term relationships with the lenders, secured a professional working relationship built on respect and trust, both working together with the same end goal. To obtain the best real estate financing on the market for you. This property serves as your life insurance policy.

A Mortgage Broker you can trust

We do not believe it is appropriate to ask for personal information, such as your income situation, when you submit information to a website. Information about the amount of your investment or assets should also be kept strictly confidential. It is not necessary to do this in order to obtain a short-term assessment of your financing project. We would like to leave it up to you how you would like to share your data with us. Just send us a short email and you will receive a result on the same day. By the way, it is not the algorithm that realises your mortgage. German banks still don’t have many computerized processes and they look much more at details. Unlike in the UK or the US, it’s not a popular sport switching a mortgage from bank to bank any other year.

We understand you

Our services are streamlined for the demands of English speaking buyers of property in Germany, maintaining an open and clear dialogue throughout the process. Take advantage of our experience from 8.000+ consultations with international clients - making sure everyone gets the mortgage that fits their needs.

Professional working relationships built on respect and trust

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