Make further investment in Germany without using your own cash!

  • Do you own property in Germany?
  • Did you purchase your property(s) several years ago?
  • Did you take out finance to purchase your property?

If you answered YES to just ONE of these questions come and talk to us.

As we all know investing in Germany several years ago was for many not without risk. It was still an unknown market for many but the writing ‘was on the wall’. Investing in Germany ticked so many boxes to be successful and now several years later for those who made the leap, they are being rewarded by a very healthy return on investment.

So, we can watch the property continue to grow or get that property working for us.

What about if you could release equity from your property, use these funds towards a deposit on a NEW property (and possibly even the buying costs), and raise a new loan on the new property, without having to use any of your own cash.  Would that be of interest to you?

It is possible, it will depend on how long ago you purchased your property (we would suggest minimum 5 years ) and the purchase price of the new property. If you would like to investigate this further, please contact us?

Releasing Equity from existing property doesn’t have to be used to buy another property, Maybe you want to carry out property renovations or invest in your home country. This is also possible. These monies can be used for virtually any purpose. So if you could find a way of spending some Euros come and talk to us.

Remember, with a nation who prefer to rent rather than buy their own home and so many people from around the world coming to live in Germany demanding accommodation, rental income for repayment of the loan should never be a problem.