Expat Property Purchase and Mortgage Webinar

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Don't miss the Essential Expat Property Purchase and Mortgage Webinar. This webinar will give insights into all you need to know about mortgages in Germany for expats and internationals. Sign up via the form - it's free!

Learn about expat mortgages in Germany

Learn about expat mortgages in Germany Get all the essential information you need, to find out the best way to buy the property of your dreams, and receive an overview of the mortgage process in Germany. During the webinar, you will hear about useful tools and websites for finding your property, calculating your mortgage repayments and the best financial options for you.
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About the webinar presenter

Peter Kleinwächter is the founder of Your German Mortgage and a pioneer in expat mortgages in Germany. He is a licensed financial advisor who frequently writes about mortgages, property purchases and finance on IamExpat. He has assisted more than 8.000 clients - both German residents and international buyers - in finding the best mortgage solutions over the last 27 years.

About the webinar

The Essential Expat Property Purchase and Mortgage Webinar is a 35-minute introduction to mortgages and purchasing properties in Germany.

Webinar times

There are three times to choose from:
  • Thursdays at 7.30pm
  • Sundays at 7pm
  • Tuesdays at 3pm
  • What to expect by joining this webinar

    Here are the insights you'll gain from the webinar:

  • Making sure you get the best interest rates available
  • Making sure you don't lose a property because finance wasn't in place
  • Learning how to protect your German credit score by keeping your personal data safe
  • Avoiding additional bank fees and interest payments
  • Gaining confidence in negotiations with property sellers
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