Why us?
The German property market is very competitive. Demand for property is fierce and property is limited. In order to be able to secure your property, you need to be able to demonstrate that you have your finance in place as soon as possible. This is where we come in. We have been helping our customers since more than 20 years. Our only goal is to satisfy their desire for their own property.

Use our market knowledge

We have invaluable experience that is only developed with time. We have worked hard to establish long term relationships with the lenders, secured a professional working relationship built on respect and trust, both working together with the same end goal. To obtain the best real estate financing on the market for you.


Be faster than others

We are communicating with our lenders on management level in order to speed up the finance approval process. We know the market and are confident that we will secure the best mortgage product for you. Foreign buyers with German residence and workplace can obtain from us an official financing certificate from a bank that you can present to the seller and therefore prove your creditworthiness.


We understand you

Our services are streamlined for the demands of English speaking buyers of property in Germany, maintaining an open and clear dialogue throughout the process. Peter Kleinwächter is a pioneer in real estate financing for foreign buyers in Germany. Take advantage of Peter’s experience from 8.000+ consultations with international clients.

  • If you are an EU-Citizen, live, work and pay your taxes in Germany or have an unlimited visa status, we can help you to choose the right solution from more than 400 banks.

  • If your visa is a Blue Card, there are only six lenders available that are offering you a mortgage.

  • We work with these banks since more than 10 years and you can expect an excellent customer experience and peace of mind.
  • Additionally, we can give you access to a product, not offered by any other mortgage provider in Germany.
  • We are offering you an English speaking service, so making the process more comfortable and easier to understand.

  • As we are helping hundreds of international clients per year to find their best finance option, our processes are proven and tested, effective and efficient.
  • You don´t need to come to our office, just contact us and give us some brief information about your project.
  • However, we would also be delighted to welcome you personally to our modern consulting centers in Berlin or to our offices in Frankfurt, Munich,  Hamburg, Leipzig, Cologne and Dusseldorf.

  • A personal consultation, as well as the implementation of your financing up to the draw-down of the mortgage, is free of charge for you.
  • Step-by-step we will guide you to the best mortgage deal available for you.

  • You are interested to finance German residential property, but you are living and working abroad. You are looking for a competitive and uncomplicated financing for this project.
  • We are offering the four finance options which are available for you. Plus one, which is exclusive to our clients.

  • We are working with this banks since more than 10 years and can guarantee you a fast and reliable service.
  • Whether you are purchasing an existing property or a new development, we can offer you a mortgage of up to 70 % of the purchase price, a higher loan is only available for domestic buyers.

  • The personal consultation, in person and/or by email and the completion of the financing is also free of charge for you.
  • On request, we can introduce you to experienced lawyers and tax advisors specializing in the needs of foreign investors.

  • In Germany the interest rates are fixed over the following terms, 5, 10, 15, 20 even 25 years. Most clients opt for 10 years primarily for tax reasons, i.e no Capital Gains Tax payable after 10 years of property ownership.
  • Repayment of your loan is flexible allowing us to make adjustments ensuring your investment goals are achieved.

We are reliable, english speaking mortgage brokers with access to the best product range and lowest interest rates for international clients purchasing property in Germany.
Our Corporate Mission
Peter Kleinwächter is a Senior Consultant of MLP Finanzberatung SE (MLP), Germanys leading Finance Advisory Company for academics and private clients.
We start by listening to the views and expectations of our clients and then present suitable options in a comprehensible way. This allows them to make the right decisions themselves. For the implementation, we examine the offers of all relevant product providers in the market rather than trying to market our own products. In addition, clients can take care of all their important banking business with MLP.
Our service is free of charge. We get compensated by the product providers you have chosen.
MLP is also Germany’s largest independent broker for personal insurance. We can therefore answer all your questions about family insurance as well as the protection of your income and your property.

No Personal Data grabbing

We do not believe it is appropriate to ask for personal information, such as your income situation, when you submit information to a website. Information about the amount of your investment or assets should also be kept strictly confidential.  It is not necessary to do this in order to obtain a short-term assessment of your financing project. We would like to leave it up to you how you would like to share your data with us. Just send us a short email and you will receive a result on the same day. By the way, it is not the algorithm that realises your mortgage. German banks still don’t have many computerized processes and they look much more at details. Unlike in the UK or the US, it’s not a popular sport switching a mortgage from bank to bank any other year.
You need experience. We have it.

Find us …

Please do not hesitate to send us your message, question or consulting request by email or telephone. You will find our modern consulting center in the heart of Berlin, directly opposite Berlin Central Station. Our branches in Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt are also located in the city centres.

Interest Rates
We find that advertisements such as “interest rates starting from 1%” offend the intelligence of our customers and raise unrealistic expectations. The terms of a financing always depend on the personal situation of each of our clients. This does not contradict the fact that we will always achieve the best possible conditions for you.
Domestic Customers

The applied interest rate is based on both the loan to value of the property and your employment position i.e employed or self-employed. The fixation period are from 5,10, 15, 20 or 25 years. The shorter the fixation period the lower the interest rate.
The amount of equity you invest and thus the risk of default of the banks also plays an important role.


Many banks reduce the interest rate if customers can afford to repay the loan within the fixed-interest period. This also reduces the risk of default on financing for the banks.

International Investors

Only a few German banks are offering mortgages to foreign investors due to their internal lending regulations. Through our constant open dialogue with such banks and established long term relationships at senior level, we can ensure you are getting the best deals possible.


The applied interest rate is based on both the loan to value of the property and your employment position i.e employed or self-employed. The fixation periods are from 5,10, 15, 20 or 25 years. The shorter the fixation period the lower the interest rate.
The mortgage products for international investors are very standardized and you do not benefit from being able to repay the loan more quickly or from using more equity.

Finance approved.
What’s next?
Your mortgage contract is signed, sealed but not delivered, if you are buying an apartment in a new development. The developer will send you invoices due to the construction status of your property. The construction period can be up to 24 months or longer and you have to stay in close touch with your bank. We will save you time and ease your mind by guiding you through this process and assist you by preparing your payment orders to the lenders.
Refinancing my mortgage
At the expiration of the interest fixation term, you have two options:
  • Paying off the entire mortgage or as much as you wish.
  • Refinancing it with your current bank or a another lender, which is offering a better deal.
You also have the opportunity to have your property revalued by the bank and to receive additional financing that allows you to make further investments or to replace more expensive financing in Germany or your home country.Your mortgage will be monitored by us continuously and we will inform you about your options in advance of your interest fixation term expiring.
We will guide you through the lending process from start to finish, answering all your questions by phone and email immediately. We will provide you with the mortgage contract. This service is free of charge as we get compensated by the bank.
We will liaise with your solicitors and the seller / developers of your property so that we are all informed each step of the way. We as well guide you through the draw-down process of your mortgage, this is particular relevant if you are purchasing a new development. In this instance, the loan will be drawn down at various stages of the construction process, as payment becomes due to the developer.
Personal advice – all over Germany
MLP has branches in all university cities in Germany. MLP has around 1,900 independent client advisors. Around 1,700 employees work in the administration and support of the consultants. Experienced English-speaking consultants who are perfectly prepared for the needs of foreign real estate buyers are available to you in Germany’s seven major real estate locations.

If you have your workplace in Germany and also need high-quality advice on all aspects of real estate financing, you can rely on the experience and expertise of our colleagues.

Peter Kleinwächter recommends personal advice from his colleagues in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Dusseldorf and Munich. Consultants in Leipzig and Stuttgart will be introduced to you shortly.

James explains!
James Meads is a UK citizen who has lived in Germany for 12 years and now divides his time between Wiesbaden, the UK and warm, sunny places during the winter. He’s dealt with many of the same frustrations and challenges you’re probably facing and also helped friends do the same. He understands too how overwhelming it can be dealing with German administration and bureaucracy, especially if you don’t speak fluent German!
Professional working relationships built on respect and trust
MLP was our second broker option in the acquisition process of an apartment in Berlin, as the first one after 3 months could not make the loan happen. Peter was extremely professional, supportive, patient, proactive, efficient and dedicated. We strongly recommend him for any Real state business. THANK YOU VERY MUCH PETER!!! Natalie & Alex
be jeweled
be jeweled
20:21 30 May 19
I used MLP to obtain loan to purchase apartment. Their service was incredible, absolutely perfect. They are very professional, reliable and trustworthy, patient and supportive. They lead me through the entire process, told me which document to provide, helped with understanding documents I could not read because I am not a German language speaker. As a non-resident I faced quite a few difficulties in getting the loan approved and finalizing all the documentation. MLP were instrumental in successfully getting things done for me. Thank you Bozena and Peter! I highly and wholeheartedly recommend MLP
Alon Moran
Alon Moran
12:40 27 Mar 19
I have been working with MLP since 5 years now, they helped me to secure a mortgage on my apartment in 2014 and their service has been excellent. This year I wanted to review my payment plan and had a very open, friendly and efficient communication with Heather. I am a very satisfied client.
Heidi Ballet
Heidi Ballet
10:39 22 Mar 19
MLP especially Peter helped a lot with everything for our loan process. He is very trustful person i am very happy to find them at the beginning of processes. My emails always responded very fast. I will definitely use them again. They earn 1 client forever. 🙂 They are very professional with their jobs and communication was Perfect!
Melih Yumak
Melih Yumak
15:52 12 Mar 19
They followed me step by step in finding the right mortgage for a challenging project, where others had failed. I am glad to have turned to MLP. Peter is friendly and at the same time very effective in communication, you never have the feeling of being left alone. Really an excellent professional, warmly recommended. Thank you!
a massobrio
a massobrio
11:23 08 Mar 19
MLP helped my father, 72 years young, with a refinance of his mortgage on his investment property in Berlin. Given my fathers age, challenges around translations and not being a resident of Germany, this was not an easy mortgage to secure. Peter did an incredible job in advising us through the process and securing a great rate that we were delighted with. I couldn't recommend Peter and MLP enough and would highly recommend them as a trusted broker that has your interests at heart.
Jamie Jenkinson
Jamie Jenkinson
13:16 26 Feb 19
My relationship with MLP Berlin goes back nearly 10 years. In that time they have always been efficient, effective and prompt to reply. I recommend the team highly
P Walter
P Walter
09:37 22 Jan 19
I've been very satisfied with their products and specially their customer service. Always ready to help and I was never left with a question unanswered. Would definitely recommend!
Talita Crozeta
Talita Crozeta
17:22 21 Jan 19
Peter, Bozena and the MLP team are highly efficient and extremely responsive to all my queries. One always has doubts when making overseas investments, however MLP definitely made the experience of financing my long distance investment an excellent one. I would highly recommend MLP.
Habib Majid
Habib Majid
13:41 17 Jan 19
Have been using MLP for almost 5 years now, I am happy with their product and extremely happy with their service, they respond promptly,are friendly and always willing to help, especially Bozena.would use them again if needed and happy to recommend them .in addition even though I do not live in Germany , do not speak German but never hand a problem , they correspond to me in English !!
12:01 17 Jan 19
Heather and her team at MLP provided excellent service to my mortgage requests. The service was prompt with clarity, even for the most nagging questions. I highly recommend them!
Igal Iancu
Igal Iancu
14:15 09 Jan 19
Peter and his team were everything you would want: professional, responsive, patient--and of course, effective. Highly recommend.
Joshua Yaffa
Joshua Yaffa
12:45 08 Dec 18
Peter and the MLP team have been great in helping my family and I not only secure a mortgage in Munich's fast paced property market, but also navigate the complicated process of transferring an existing mortgage, thereby saving us the need to pay a large prepayment penalty. Peter has always been quick to respond to my questions and offered help and patience throughout the complicated process. Five stars and I highly recommend MLP if you are an international client looking to secure a mortgage in Germany.
Mike Cusack
Mike Cusack
17:03 29 Nov 18
Very professional, proactive and fast. really looking after customer best interest. worked with them years ago and now using them again for my current needs.
Fabio Paltenghi
Fabio Paltenghi
15:30 26 Nov 18
I really need to thank MLP, especially peter and his team. Really professional and helpful. One of my friend recommended peter to me, with his help we finally got our first house in Germany. You can always get the answers very quickly once you have questions and got detailed explain you want. Very trustful! I will always come back again.
Xu Pei
Xu Pei
12:55 26 Nov 18
Arranged two mortgages via MPL Berlin. Exactly what you need from a mortgage broker - extremely broad portfolio, plenty of experience and top, unbiased advice. Go to Peter and his team both for more standard products or for more unorthodox situations alike.
Vuk Trifkovic
Vuk Trifkovic
22:51 23 Nov 18
I was contacted by Heather Chesham regarding the renewal of my loans.Haether was very professional, coherent, pleasant and encouraged me to feel free asking questions. She was very responsive and helped me make the right decision considering my preferences.I thank her for her service.Shelly
Shelly Kraft
Shelly Kraft
15:20 18 Nov 18
Peter and everyone there was really helpful, transparent and professional. We could count on Peter for every doubt and question we had. We felt safe and when we had a question not related to the mortgage Peter connected us with the right person who could help on the topic.I highly recommend their services.
15:51 24 Oct 18
Peter and his team were incredibly helpful and professional in helping me secure a mortgage. They really are experts in helping international clients find German mortgage solutions and were patient, responsive and highly professional throughout the process of purchasing my apartment in Berlin. They've also been available and quick to respond to all queries I've had after the purchase went through, I can highly recommend!
Alun Simpson
Alun Simpson
11:15 24 Aug 18
Peter was one of the most efficient and helpful advisers that I have worked with: fast & clear communication, patient & understanding at helping someone new to the market (& language), knowledgeable at navigating the bureaucracy. He went well above expectations to help me secure financing for my lovely new apartment. Thank you!
Lucy Criddle
Lucy Criddle
12:16 18 Aug 18

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