Mortgage & Repayment Calculator
The repayment determines the period during which the loan is to be repaid. The higher you choose, the faster you can repay the loan. Almost all banks also allow special payments of up to 5% of the original loan amount. This calculator should give you a quick overview to determine how high your annual credit rate will be taking into account your ideas about the credit period. The interest rates that you find in the help text are intended to be an approximation of a possible interest rate. Play with the capital repayment to see how much you have to raise annually in order to repay a loan in the period you want.
Legal notice
The mortgage calculation results are based on what you entered and should be used as a guide only. Just to get an idea how a possible mortgage payment could look like. In order to assess your case completely we should get in touch and you tell us more about your project. We will prepare you a tailor-made mortage proposal with a payment plan then. And don’t forget that you are safe: as we neither store your IP-address nor your email or other personal data we can’t connect your calculations to your person. Take a look at our cookie policy.