Mortgage & Repayment Calculator
This mortgage calculator gives you a quick overview of your real estate financing in Germany. You enter the basic data for the property and the purchase fees. The minimum down-payment should be at least the amount of your purchase fees, which will be calculated as well. Then you determine the repayment amount and receive the monthly credit installment and the total financing term. The current market interest rates are up to date for your specific situation. The higher the capital repayment per year, the faster you are debt-free.
Legal notice
The mortgage calculation results are based on what you entered and should be used as a guide only. Just to get an idea how a possible mortgage payment could look like. In order to assess your case completely we should get in touch and you tell us more about your project. We will prepare you a tailor-made mortage proposal with a payment plan then. And don’t forget that you are safe: as we neither store your IP-address nor your email or other personal data we can’t connect your calculations to your person. Take a look at our cookie policy.

Your next steps

Qualify as a property buyer

Qualify financially with Your German Mortgage.

Find yourself a home

Choose the property you’ll be calling your own.

Get your mortgage contract

It includes the guarantee for the bank on the property and has to be notarized.

Notarize the purchase contract

The German way to secure your ownership through an impartial notary.

Move into your new place

After the purchase price has been paid in full, you have full ownership.

FAQ - Mortgage Calculator

We are here to answer your questions about the German Housing market

How much loan / mortgage can I afford?

As a rule of thumb you just have to multiply your monthly net income times 100 and you have the maximum loan amount most banks will provide to you. This amount can be 100% of the purchase price. The purchase fees (notary / purchase tax and property agent fee) should be available in cash.

Is it possible to get a pre-approval certificate for my German Mortgage?

yes, this is possible but only with certain banks. But we can give you a very good indication whether your application is getting accepted.

How long will it take until I receive my Mortgage?

This depends entirely on the current number of applications to the bank involved. The period can last two to three days, but also up to three weeks. In any case, however, we can inform you of this immediately because it is displayed in our IT systems.

Can you guarantee that I get a Mortgage in Germany?

If your application complies with the lending guidelines of the banks and you have a positive internal liquidity calculation at this bank, you will of course receive a loan agreement. So far we have found a financing option for every case.

Are modernisation costs for my property also financed?

Yes, of course these costs can also be taken into account and financed by the bank. The banks, however, differentiate between value-enhancing measures and purely cosmetic work. Value-enhancing measures are:

– Bathroom renovation
– New floors
– New electrical installation
– New heating
– New windows
– Change of floor plan


Costs for painting work are generally not taken into account.

Does the bank also finance my new kitchen?

No, unfortunately not. A kitchen can be by and large removed out of the house or the apartment and therefore cannot be financed with a mortgage.

What do I need to do after my mortgage has been approved?

You will receive the contract and the land charge (Grundschuld). This is the guarantee for the bank that they hold your property and has to be notarized. After the authorities have registered it in the land register under your name (Grundbuch), the bank can draw down your loan.

New developments - properties under construction – how will the purchase price get paid?

Your mortgage contract is signed, sealed but not delivered, if you are buying an apartment in a new development. The developer will send you invoices due to the construction status of your property. The construction period can be up to 24 months or longer and you have to stay in close touch with your bank. We will save you time and ease your mind by guiding you through this process and assist you by preparing your payment orders for the lenders.